Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Super nice Zonnehoedjes!

Small Potatoes goes international! The brilliant children's shop Family Affair in Leuven, Belgium is now selling my hats. Check out their site for a peek at their amazing products. To see the poorly Google-translated version of their blog and see what they say about the hats (July 11), click here.


Angel Droppings said...

Super nice Zonnehoedjes! Way to go! :)

I just wanted to drop in, say hello and leave a friendly comment for you b/c my post last night was inspired by an item from your Etsy shop. Best wishes, ~Lisa

Small Potatoes said...

Hi there,

It took me a while to find where you posted about me on your site. I love seeing all the "variations on a theme". They're all pretty much the same dress, but all slightly different. It's neat to see how everyone displays them differently too. Thanks for commenting (sorry it took me so long to notice!)