Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The new site is up! The new site is up!

It's been a loooooooong time coming, but finally, my new website is up! Phew, there have been many a late night, many a blue word, and many a fist pounding on my keyboard (okay, really just one fist that did lots of pounding), but it's up and I'm really quite happy with it.

I hope that you will enjoy all the new features:

Product Catalogue Individual product listings with larger fabric swatches or product photos.
Photography Adorable new faces for you to oooh and aaah over.

Fabrics and Ribbons Scrumptious new designs for boys, girls and “not sure yets”.
Gift Certificates Finally, due to popular demand.

Permanent Cart Any products added to your online cart remain there until you remove them, or check them out.

Address Book We can now deliver your products to another address other than yours! This is perfect to send birthday gifts direct to the birthday-person themselves.
Gift Enclosures Free, for when you want to have an order shipped directly to another recipient.
Order History View your history of purchases that you have made with us.

Products Reviews We love your feedback! Share your opinions on products with our other customers.
No Shipping If you live in the Winnipeg area, you can now use the coupon code, NO SHIPPING if you would prefer to pick your order up.

And hey, just 'cause you're reading this, I'm a gonna give you a secret coupon code because you rock and you roll for supporting me through all this. Use the coupon code YOU ROCK for a 15% discount off your next purchase.

Thanks everyone!