Monday, July 14, 2008

All fested out!

Well, the Winnipeg Folk Festival was a great success! Well, most of it was. (Let's not talk about the rain ALL DAY on Saturday. Or the gale force wind. Ahem.) Sunday was absolutely beautiful and I must thank everyone who came out with a big smile on your face. You really can't find a more friendly crowd of people. Besides all the wonderful customers, both new and old, that I met at the weekend long event, the highlights for me were 1) the woman who complimented my products by calling them "not hideously hippy-ish like the rest of the stuff for sale here" and 2) the 3-year-old who walked by humming the theme song of Star Wars into a kazoo. Oh, and 3) the amazing Common Ground wraps and Taste of Sri Lanka rotis. Unfortunately I didn't get to enjoy any of the music but I heard wonderful things from many sources. Thanks again everyone, I'll see you there next year!

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