Friday, February 20, 2009

Putting a face to the name...

Wow, I managed to find a photo of me to put on my profile! Most of our family photos consist of the kids doing cute things.

In other "face" news, and under the heading of "holy cow, where did I find time to do this???", I finally joined the millenium and created a Facebook page for Small Potatoes. On it you will find a bunch of photos as well as a plethora of new fabrics I'm considering adding to my spring/summer line. Please let me know what you think - I'm looking for customer input as much as possible. I'd buy it all but I'm a chronic fabric-oholic, and I know that as with any addiction, moderation is key. Please come check it out. Become a fan. Tell a friend. Share the love!

Also, I just became a fan of The Baby Bin Boutique's Facebook page. You should too!

By the way, is anyone else out there impressed with the fact that I managed two posts in two days?

1 comment:

lisagh said...

Oh I'm totally impressed!